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Dealing With Insurance Companies

Everything YOU Need To Know:

Insurance companies are run by the scum of the earth.”

That’s it. That’s everything you need to know.

As an attorney I couldn’t tell you this if it wasn’t true.

Insurance companies have so much money they need computers to count it. And how do they make that money? They make it off of you and saps like you, which is exactly what they think you are.


If you have an injury case, deal with it through a lawyer. Even a bad lawyer is better than no lawyer at all. Just like a bad pair of pants is better than going out without your pants on. Same thing. Except if you leave the house without your pants on someone will tell you pretty quick. If you deal with an insurance company on an injury case without a lawyer, they will tell you:

No, you don’t need a lawyer! We’re your friends! We’ll do right by you! You’re in safe hands with us! Just let us do all your thinking for you! Why you don’t even need your pants on!”

At least talk to a lawyer on the phone if you have been injured. No, you won’t get a bill in the mail if you talk to anyone decent.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Then make up your own mind.

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