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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Workers' compensation: Snow removal can be life-threatening

With January being the coldest month in New Hampshire, employers must take special care in protecting the health and safety of employees. Many workers' compensation claims are filed nationwide every year after weather-related workplace injuries. Not only must employers provide the necessary personal protective equipment, they must also provide adequate safety training.

Workers' compensation claims may follow holiday rush

Safety authorities urged employers in all retail-related businesses nationwide, including New Hampshire, to take extra precautions to keep workers safe and prevent workplace injuries. This warning came in the time leading up to Black Friday and other marketing promotions that are common at this time of the year. Workloads increase, restocking shelves becomes urgent and rushed work is always more hazardous -- as proved by workers' compensation claims usually filed after the rush of the holiday season.

Navigating a workers' compensation claim could be challenging

Most workers in New Hampshire know that their employers carry insurance that would provide financial assistance if they should get injured on the job. They might think it is merely a case of getting medical care, filing a workers' compensation claim and receiving compensation. However, it could be considerably more complicated, and failing to follow the correct procedures might jeopardize the chances of receiving maximum benefits.

Workers' compensation: Industrial worker's forearm severed

Workers in industrial facilities in New Hampshire will always face the hazards posed by large machines and equipment with dangerous moving parts. While employees typically rely on their employers to comply with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, many find that their employers have other priorities. The number of workers' compensation claims filed by industrial workers underscores the dangers they face.

Workers' compensation death benefits for all work-related deaths

All industries in New Hampshire and other states pose occupational hazards, and the goal of most employers is to provide safe work environments. In many cases, achieving workplace safety is easier said than done. However, workers' compensation benefits claims continue to come from a wide variety of industries.

Many workers' compensation claims filed despite OSH Act control

In 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Act became effective, and, although accurate injury or fatality records were not kept at that time, Congress set out to improve safety in workplaces nationwide. On Workers' Memorial Day every year on April 28, the passing of the OSH Act is celebrated, and the lives lost in Occupational accidents are commemorated in New Hampshire and other states. Unfortunately, despite all these efforts, countless numbers of workers' compensation claims are filed for workplace injuries every year.

There is no cure for a spinal cord injury, so protect yourself

Any workplace in New Hampshire poses safety risks. However, those who work in construction, logging or commercial transport face occupational hazards that can cause catastrophic injuries that are life-changing. One example is a spinal cord injury, which will require an extended period in a hospital, followed by long-term rehabilitation.

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